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All on One Layer Colours & Gradients Expressions & Programming Inspired by Film & Media Masks, Shapes & Easing Text & Text Layers


Dynamic Split-Flap Display (Loki Disney+)

Learn to create a dynamic split flap display in Adobe After Effects, based off the motion graphics of Loki from Disney+, that uses a single reference text layer to automatically animate.

Easiest Text Swipe Ever

In this tutorial we look at one of the simplest ways to create a text swipe while keeping it dynamic and on one layer. We let a mask expansion value reference the anchor point value of the layer (as both are measured in pixels and transform correctly with the layer) to create the visual, and some simple expressions take care of all the animating in and out. Enjoy!

Dynamic Timeline Slider (Loki Disney+)

I've been loving the visual elements in the new Loki series on Disney+ and it inspired me to recreate some of the visuals in After Effects.

Sports-style seconds countdown

We're back creating a new "sports-style" seconds countdown using a text layer that is customisable with a transparent background to make it easy for overlaying, including a super-sweet dynamic flip down animation.

Dynamic Text Swipe

We're back tinkering with text layers and today we're creating a text swipe animation without masks or shapes as it's all on one layer.

Gradient Stroke Lines

Learn how to add gradients to animated lines in After Effects through minimal effects and animating the shape layer stroke. Whether it's revealing a logo or icon, through to motion lines to create emphasis or movement, even the outline of text, this effect is another versatile motion design technique you'll want to learn.

Animating the Dynamic Text Box

Due to popular request here's an explanation as to how I go about animating the dynamic text box. Combine the use of Range Selectors to get a smooth animation that can easily be controlled using keyframes on one layer.

Philip DeFranco Lower Thirds

Recreate the lower thirds seen in The Philip DeFranco Show and learn some simple line and text techniques you can apply to your own lower thirds.

Dynamic Text Box

Learn in 10 min how to create a dynamic text box that changes size automatically to the text, on one text layer without complex expressions with any font, in Adobe After Effects.


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